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Posted on July 9th, 2010 in Travelling by ekos06

What do you think firstly when you’re hearing “TRAVELLING”. I will think about Preparation, Planning, Budget, Hotels, Transportation, Accommodation, and many more. Ya, we should think about it well before deciding to travel somewhere. But, have you though about a simpler way to travel, even when you will travel this whole world…? Well, then let me introduce you to this new cool stuff.

CouchSurfing (a.k.a CS) is a website I knew in March 2010. I knew this from my friend’s referral. This is a site that enables you to meet up anybody in the whole world and have a chance to be a friend of him/her/them. Nah, when you have a plan to go somewhere, to travel around the place, you just search people, the another member of CS in the place, then ask him/her whether you may stay or not. Each profile of the members will provide this information, whether they may host you or not, how many people they can host, how many times you may stay, etc. Just ask them whether you may stay or not. Once they confirmed that you may stay, make any deal about your coming, and you will meet up there surprisingly! It is cool, isn’t?

Then, you can also have a chance to host people from all around the world. If some people ask to stay in your place, they will do the same way as you did if you want to stay in another host. This site is really really great, as it enables us, travellers, to connect with people, make such relationship, know each other, sharing experience, sharing knowledge, and many interesting activities.

You can only make a friendship with another member, if you have had a connection before, i.g meet in person, couch friend, meet in CS, or meet in computer. And this is cool! Each friends of yours, can leave a reference to another member that want to stay in your place. If your reference is POSITIVE, it will earn benefits for you.

Well, there are also many activities there. Let me tell you, that our friends from INDIA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, and other local CS-ers are going to ‘rock’ climbing in JAKARTA tomorrow in the morning (10th July 2010). You can also have an opportunity to do some interesting things with your GROUPS (this group are provided by CS, you just choose what groups fit to you). Much more interesting right??

So, are ready to Travelling Around The World?? Once you are ready, make CS-ing… Hehehe…

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