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  1. hans said,

    on September 6th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    Wah, kesempatan unjuk gigi yg pastinya sangat berkesan.. Postingnya gak pake foto waktu kongres nie, jadi kurang seru,he..

  2. ekos06 said,

    on September 6th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    udah nih Hans :)
    thanks ya sarannya :)

  3. hans said,

    on September 6th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    sip sip sip.. nah lebih keren kan kak? he… tersangkanya mana ne, dikasih lingkar merah harusnya.. (just kidding)..

  4. miftaha08 said,

    on September 6th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    Wah, mantap kang 😀

  5. ekos06 said,

    on September 6th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    @Hans, hahaha…. tak usah lah :)
    @miftaha, thanks :)

  6. tante said,

    on September 14th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    ekooo.. tante nih! haha. nulisnya so swittt deh :’).

    jadi kangen nyaman setengah matiiii >_<

  7. Raja said,

    on September 14th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    gw seneng,,, ge eksis deh,,,akwakw

  8. ekos06 said,

    on September 20th, 2010 at %I:%M%p

    @tante, iya nih Tann… kangenn Nyaman.. hikss… kapan2 ketemuan nyok, trus kita nari saman deh, semoga dipertemukan di lain waktu yaa.. hehehe

    @Raja, lo emang (sok) eksis deh dimana2… hahaha

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  10. on January 10th, 2014 at %I:%M%p

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  18. QROVyMqg said,

    on March 23rd, 2014 at %I:%M%p


    Be The Change! » Blog Archive » Budaya Indonesia, Bukan Budaya Biasa – Catatan Kecil dari 5th World Youth Congress Turkey 2010

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    After further outcries and complaints, Facebook backpedalled the following day and took the video down again. In an Facebook stated: [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]www.oakleys.in.net[/url] “Signs” / “FAROCKI”: Two experimental videos by Benning. 7 p.m. Thursday. p [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakleys[/url]
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    Receiving stolen property is a misdemeanor when the property does not exceed $950. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]cheap oakleys[/url] April 19: Farsley (h), 3-0
    The current White House resident claims it’s time to give America a raise. President Obama’s got his cell phone and pen ready with a pliant media standing behind his every word. On the other hand, Republicans and conservatives are battling against raising the minimum wage for a variety of reasons. … [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakleys[/url] Lotto! for 11/28/2014 :04-06-07-17-18-32 Next Drawing: Tue. Dec. 2 Next Jackpot: $2.8 Million; Est. Cash Value: $2,203,000
    11/25/2014 03:22:04 PM MSTA screen grab from a propaganda video released on Nov. 16 by al-Furqan Media allegedly shows members of the Islamic State jihadist group. (AFP/Getty Images) [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]http://www.oakleys.in.net[/url] 5. Edge of Eternity: The CenturyTrilogy, Ken Follett
    b Best theoretical dinner party of four: you and who? Warren Buffett, YoYo Ma and Tom Brokaw [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]http://www.oakleys.in.net[/url] 9. Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo: Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC. Sunday, October 12, 1-6 p.m.
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    Tip of the WeekFamily and friends make Thanksgiving special, but it’s the food that’s always the center of attention. From juicy turkey and creamy potatoes to zesty cranberries and buttery rolls, nobody leaves the table hungry. This year, delight guests by making the classic foods they love but with a few simple twists that will leave taste buds dancing.Drinks: Apple cider is a holiday must-have to quench Thanksgiving thirst. Add some interest to your beverage offerings with a themed drink that expands on the sweet cider flavors. An autumn sangria is the perfect seasonal offering that’s as cheerful as it is refreshing.Cranberries: Cranberries are a Thanksgiving staple, but most people take a small spoonful and move on. If you want to add new flavor to cranberries so guests will be asking for seconds, different spices and additions could mean lip-smacking results. A splash of port can bring new depths to the classic dish, too.Potatoes: Thanksgiving menus often include several potato dishes. The secret to enhancing potato dishes is adding cheese for an indulgent result. For example, the complex flavors of crumbled gorgonzola folded into sweet potatoes make a rich dish that guests will love.Dessert: No matter how full you are after your Thanksgiving dinner, there’s always room for dessert. Add new flavor to apple pie or apple crisp by mixing shredded cheddar cheese into the apple mixture prior to baking. Guests will ooh-and-ahh over how the sharp cheddar flavor enhances the sweet apple filling.� BrandpointNumber to Know88: Around 88 percent of Americans dine on turkey on Thanksgiving every year, and around 46 million of the birds are cooked every turkey day, according to the National Turkey Federation.Easy Recipe: Baked Sweet Potatoes with Cranberry Gorgonzola GremolataIngredients: 6 medium sweet potatoes 1/4 cup melted butter 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup pure maple syrup 1/4 cup minced fresh parsley 1 lemon, zested 1 clove garlic, minced finely 3 tablespoons minced pecans 3 tablespoons finely chopped dried cranberries 1 scallion, minced 2 ounces gorgonzola, crumbledInstructions: 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place sweet potatoes on cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes. Flip over and return to oven to bake until tender. Remove from oven and set aside. 2. When cool enough to do so safely, peel sweet potatoes. Place in a medium skillet over low heat with butter, salt and maple syrup for 5 minutes, basting the potatoes with the butter mixture occasionally. Lightly smash the potatoes. Hold over low heat. 3. To make the gremolata: In a small bowl, toss together parsley, lemon zest, garlic, pecans, cranberries and scallion. Gently fold in the cheese. 4. Move sweet potatoes to a serving dish and sprinkle with the gremolata. Serve hot.� BrandpointFood QuizIn what year were TV dinners first sold in stores?A. 1953 B. 1965 C. 1947 D. 1959Page 2 of 2 – Answer at bottom of rail.Wise to the WordJulienne: To julienne something is to cut it into long, thin strips, like matchsticks. While there is some discrepancy over the exact width of a julienne cut, it is the smallest of its category, generally agreed to measure around 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch. Some vegetables you commonly cut into matchsticks: peppers, carrots, celery and onions for salads and soups. Beef, pork or duck work well this way in stir-fries.� CookthinkThe Dish on��The Portlandia Cookbook� by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan KriselFood plays a very special role in Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein�s award-winning satire �Portlandia.� Here are recipes for the dishes that define the show, from cult-raised chicken and Stu�s stews to pickled veggies and foraged green salads. Complete with new full-color finished food photographs and illustrations, humorous stories and sidebars from the loveable food-obsessed �Portlandia� characters (such as Mr. Mayor, Peter and Nance, and Colin the chicken), and advice on how to choose a bed and breakfast and behave at a communal table, this is a funny cookbook�with serious recipes�for anyone who loves food. And yes, the chicken�s local.� Clarkson PotterFood Quiz answerA. The first TV dinners were sold in 1953, and they contained turkey, cornbread, dressing and sweet potato. C.A. Swanson & Sons devised the meals as a way of getting rid of its surplus turkey supply.More Content Now [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley sunglasses[/url] For a myriad of reasons, families can rupture, and schisms that may (and sometimes are) too vast of chasms to overcome can draw brothers and sisters apart. At the outset of , directed by , such is sadly the case. Twins Maggie () and Milo () have neither spoken to nor seen each other in ten years, and the film opens with both of them, in separate places, living their separate lives, (he in California, she in New York), about to commit suicide. Maggie is standing in front of a mirror with a pile of pills, about to swallow them, when she receives a phone call from a hospital informing her that Milo is in recovery from having slit his wrists.
    y According to a four-year by PNG-IMR in collaboration with the University of New South Wales in four of the country s 22 province-level divisions (Eastern Highlands, East Sepik, West New Britain and National Capital District), men cited four key reasons for agreeing to be circumcised: prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections; improved penile health and hygiene; cultural acceptance; and increased sexual pleasure. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley sunglasses[/url] It is good news that the Financial Conduct Authority has uncovered these unscrupulous dealings and ordered money to be returned to those who were callously ripped off. As Darlington MP Jenny Chapman says, why not make Wonga pay the compensation at their usual interest rates? g
    Watch for hot spots: Look for shade and try to avoid heated surfaces like sidewalks, sand and asphalt as they can burn delicate paws. Also, walk your dogs early in the morning and at night to avoid the hottest times of the day. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]cheap oakleys[/url] 2 Keep it clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually oriented language. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley sunglasses[/url]
    To look at what role trans fat played in memory, scientists in this new study looked at the diets of about 1,000 working-age healthy men. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]http://www.oakleys.in.net[/url] WE HAD TO CHARGE EXTRA AND IN ADDITTION TO THAT WE o [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley glasses[/url]
    The blankets are custom made for each person to get the right size and weight. They can cover the whole body for sleeping or just the legs. Lap blankets and wraps are also available, and they all come in a variety of fabrics and patterns that appeal to children and adults. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley sunglasses[/url] Leonard (Johnny Galecki,) Penny (Kaley Cuoco,) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons)CBS
    Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]cheap oakleys[/url] It did not go well in the second half as Roethlisberger engineered touchdown drives of 50 and 66 yards, the last of which was accompanied by a two-point conversion that made it 28-25 with 7:34 to go. t [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley glasses[/url]
    In 2014, Byers found 18 percent of the seeds had a knife shape; 31 percent had a fork shape, and 51 percent had a spoon shape. Over the past five years of doing this same thing, Byers says the average has been 57 percent spoon shaped, 13.6 percent knife shaped and 28 percent fork shaped. [url=http://www.oakleys.in.net]oakley glasses[/url] Albany

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    t Leonards Mill [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com[/url] Sales of my first children’s book, Fartin’ Martin Sidebottom, went like the wind, with a free whoopee cushion on offer with every copy sold. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url]
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    After a career in heavy industry he became civic officer to the mayor of and was an official of Sedgefield’s twinning arrangement with a town in Germany. He has made many friends among the former enemy and will be visiting them this year. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url] “They are the key ingredients for success and anything they can do to keep Durham Tees Valley operational is only a good thing.” s [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url]
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    Suzette Cooke, the Kent mayor who was among those pushing Machinists to accept the contract, said others in the state have the opposite opinion. She argued that workers can do better in the retirement savings plan and said it gives Machinists greater control over their money. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com[/url] Tue, 21 Dec 2010 14:21:12 +0000
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    p • Sophomore placekicker Elliot Fry hit two field goals in the second half, his 11th and 12th consecutive makes. He’s now three shy of tying the Gamecocks’ program record of 15-straight field goals by Collin Mackie (1987-88). [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url] Legendary dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov comes to Berkeley to star with Willem Dafoe in a production of Robert Wilson’s absurdist comedy “The Old Woman.” The Nov. 21-23 performances are part of Cal Performances’ 2014-15 season. (PETER HURLEY)
    Diane Schwenke, the president and CEO of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, called the blueprint a “good start but only a start.” [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet stores[/url] A good place to start, according to the CHDI, is by asking about mothers’ mental health status during pregnancy. Depression and anxiety identified during pregnancy are a strong indicator that a mom may suffer from mental health issues after giving birth, making it important for pediatricians to know how a mother felt when she was pregnant, the report says. g [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url]
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    j Trade Minister Andrew Robb described it as the most sophisticated trade deal China has struck with any country by a long shot – and the documents released on Monday appeared to back that assessment. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url] The 26-year-old -based Ethiopian, who lost an eye and the lower part of his right arm in a hand-grenade attack on his home in Ethiopia when he was a boy, was unable to re-tie his lace when his shoe worked loose after six kilometres, so he kicked it off – and collected some painful blisters as he ran on to win by over 100 metres. r
    * Personal attacks, insults or threats. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com[/url] The former TRNC President Mr.Talat and Greek Cypriot leader Christofias had also tried to sort out the Cyprus issue together and met total 71 time. Mr. Eroglu was elected the President on 18 [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet stores[/url]
    “This is a coordinated effort. This is something that they’ve practiced. This is not the first time they’ve done this,” Trooper Stephen Limani said. “The woman is so quick moving money from one hand to the other, it took us a couple times under surveillance footage just to catch what she did.” [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com[/url] Tarragon sprigs to serve h [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com[/url]
    No one was seriously hurt in the fight. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com[/url] Cecily Johnson is another Los Gatos senior making a return trip to the state meet. She finished 62nd in Division II last year after qualifying as an individual. This year, she leads a team of Cats to Fresno.
    Asylum seekers endure long anxious waits before they find out whether they have hit the resettlement jackpot and much of the waiting happens behind . There are currently close to 2,000 migrants and asylum seekers (including 364 children) in 13 immigration detention centres (IDCs) around the country. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet[/url] The burglary was reported at 12:15 a.m. in a home in the 1800 block of 330th Street east of Odebolt, according to a sheriff’s department statement. n [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet online[/url]
    * Never pay for an online purchase by sending a money transfer to an individual. [url=http://www.coachonlineoutlet.us.com/]coach outlet stores[/url] While those figures would represent modest progress, they are much lower than the third quarter’s 3.9 percent expansion and the second quarter’s 4.6 percent growth. The two quarters represent the best six-month pace since 2003.

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    United Arab Emirates celebrate their Asian Cup quarterfinal victory Photo: Getty Images [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]polo ralph lauren men[/url] Honoured v [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]polo ralph lauren men[/url]
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    “When I get here, I would go through square roots, 1-25,” Evan said. [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]www.poloralphlaurenmen.name[/url] Resident Jim Betts, a noted preservationist, later admitted it was he who arranged for Fowler to get the books to distribute. He said he didn聮t realize there was a $25 dollar cap on gifts to commissioners. g [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]polo ralph lauren men[/url]
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    x According to McLeod, the CPD dialogue, because it was conducted under the anonymizing Chatham House rules, allowed regional stakeholders to speak more openly than they do when representing their countries in public. He said: What we saw at the roundtable was the value of including representatives from Indonesia and Malaysia. Their presence changed the tenor of the discussions and facilitated a richer understanding of the issues. [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name[/url] 鈥淲e didn鈥檛 know each other prior to me looking for someone to help me make the cards,鈥?says Tracey, a mother-of-three. 鈥淪he鈥檚 now my best friend of 16 years and I couldn鈥檛 do without her.鈥?[url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]polo ralph lauren men[/url]
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    x Address: 256 N. Joachim St., Mobile [url=http://www.poloralphlaurenmen.name/]polo ralph lauren men[/url] is The 鈥檚 art critic. E-mail: Twitter: @kennethbakersf
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